Coffee's Cafe Staff Application Form
Please fill out this form to the best of your ability if you're interested in joining the Coffee's Cafe staffing team!
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What do people call you?
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You can save us time if you know your Steam ID or will take time to get it at sites such as or in-game using console. This is not required.
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Include your Discord tag number. We use Discord for off-server staff communication.
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Where are you looking to become staff? *
If choosing "other" please state where you would like to work and what role you would like to have.
If the name people know you by is different from your character name, please list it below.
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What part of the world do you live?
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If you speak more than one language, please list them here. Otherwise, you can leave this blank.
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Please list and describe any administrative experience you have, if you have any. If you don't have any, just say none.
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Other Relevant Experience
Please list and describe any relevant experience you have, if you have any.
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What server have you spent the most time on recently? *
What Garry's Mod server have you spent the most time on lately?
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Current Server Playtime *
Please specify server(s). You can get your playtime in the scoreboard.
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Current Community Activity *
How active have you been in the community at the time of completing this application? Where have you been most active? (e.g. Garry's Mod)
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Why do you want to be staff? *
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What do you feel is your greatest weakness and what do you do to improve on this? *
Something you think you need to improve upon in yourself.
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Our staff applications are reviewed manually. Because we review the applications manually in batches, your application may not be in the current pool of applicants, nor reviewed immediately. However, after it's been considered, you'll be notified.
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