Complete Farmer Limited User Needs Assessment Form
Please answer the questions below to determine the requirements, objectives and specifications of your farm. This document would help Complete Farmer Limited to develop a very detailed farm plan for you. Please answer as accurately as possible. If you have any questions or need any explanations, please contact the farm manager Please submit this form with a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with Complete Farmer Limited to ensure every information is given with full confidentiality
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Do you have experience in farming? Have you farmed before? Do you have knowledge in farming your preferred crops? *
We understand that most of our clients are busy people. To help serve them better, we would like to know what level of commitment you can afford to give to your farm? *
Let us know the type of farming system you want to set up on your land. Complete Farmer Limited has a range of value added services that is designed to make your farm more efficient and boost output. Tell us your plans for your farm. *
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Would you prefer mechanized farming services for farm operations? *
Would you prefer farm mapping and surveying services? *
Would you prefer soil analysis services for your farm land? *
Would you prefer farm fencing and boundary protection? *
Would you prefer a security guard on the farm? *
Would you prefer smart irrigation services on your farm? *
Would you prefer post-harvest processing before selling produce to market? *
Would you prefer market linkage services and price negotiation services? *
What are the assets you may have to start your farm?: This is to help us know how best we can help you without making some assets redundant for you. Complete Farmer Limited can help you get all the listed assets and inputs if you dont have them. *
Do you already have mechanized farm equipment? *
Do you already have planting materials (seeds, suckers, sticks, etc.) for your farm? *
Do you already have farm hands (laborers) for your farm? *
Do you already have supplies and chemicals (fertilizers, weedicides, pesticides, sacks, bags, etc.) for your farm? *
Do you already have transportation services for you farm? *
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