Application to apply for a cycle permit
If your child intends to cycle to college, please ensure you and your child read through the information and code of conduct before completing the form below.
Cycle permits
Cycling permits can be issued if the following guidelines have been adopted:

* Students may only bring a cycle to college when in possession of a cycle permit.
* Students must have a valid permit which will be issued by the House Progress Leader.
* Students must ride sensibly and follow the Highway Code.
* Students are expected to maintain their cycles in good working order - checks may be carried out at any time.
* Students must wear a cycle helmet which meets current safety regulations.
* Students should be encouraged to wear bright conspicuous outer clothing.
* Bike lights must be used when visibility is poor.
* All cyclists must dismount when entering college premises via rear entrance.
* The security of cycles is the responsibility of the individual and measures should be taken to protect against theft.
Code of conduct
1. I will wear a helmet (which meets current Safety Regulations) when riding to and from college.
2. I will wear bright outer clothing, and use bike lights when visibility is poor, when riding to and from college.
3. I will plan my route to and from college carefully with an adult and make sure I always use this route.
4. I will get off and walk with my bike if the traffic is too busy.
5. I will keep my bike in good condition. Every time I use my bike I will check that the brakes work and my reflectors are clean.
6. I will carry anything I need in a back pack, and I will never carry anything under my arm or hanging from the handlebars.
7. I will not use my mobile phone or listen to any musical device when I am riding my bike.
8. I will get off and walk with my bike when I get to the college gates.
9. I will use a lock to secure my bike at college.
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