Family Fun Days on Spring Break, Mon-Wed, March 27-29, April 3rd & 14th 10am-4pm
When school is out and your kids need to run!
Come one, come all to:
Grace in Deephaven
18360 Minnetonka Blvd

Day rates and details:
$5/lunch +$10/kid if no adult attends
$30/family max (+ $15/kid for ages 1-4)
For Ages 5+ (ages 1-4 need to register at least 3 days advance, $30/kid/day includes lunch)
Grace families are free besides lunch. We consider you part of the Grace family if you had a kid in the Christmas/Easter drama, or come on Sundays or Wednesdays.
Youth and/or adults are encouraged to help and get lunch FREE!

Tentative Schedule:
10am Check in, name game & coloring
10:45 Outside games
12 Lunch (Domino's pizza or Taco Bell, bananas, oranges, pretzels, carrots, cheese sticks & water/lemonade)
(if it's nice out, we will go to Thorpe Park, 2 blocks south of church)
1-4 Capture the Flag, Bible story, + other games or coloring & a movie

Space for 30 kids. Sign up closes day before at 8pm or after filled (unless you ask Chris).

MN Zoo
Monday, March 27
Bring your own lunch
Bus loads at 10 AM and we'll be back about 3 PM with the last hour at church games or a movie in the far east wing
$25/kid; $50/family - Includes admission, bus, and childcare – scholarships available
Normal MN Zoo Costs:
$12/ages 3-12; age 65+
$18/Adult (ages 13-64)
+$7/vehicle parking

Big Thrill Factory
Wednesday, March 29
$20/kid includes lunch at Grace & Big Thrill package (3 hrs unlimited laser tag, time challenge, fun factory) +$5 for black light ropes course (if 48 inches or taller) or bump & spin cars or $8 for both
Adult chaperones are free if not playing games.
10am Check in, name games
10:30 Capture the Flag
12 Lunch (Domino's pizza or Taco Bell, bananas, oranges, pretzels, carrots, cheese sticks & water/lemonade)
1-4 Big Thrill (parents pick up at Big Thrill)

Call/text Chris Adams, Family Ministry Director, with questions or to confirm registration.

Grace is a movement of people who inspire each other to love God and others with all our hearts!

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Thrope Park
Grace Kids Church
Chris, Jeanne & Luma
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