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Let us know you want to learn more about our Summer Residency Program. COMPLETING THIS FORM IS NOT A SIGN OF COMMITMENT ON YOUR PART (OR OUR PART).
It just opens up a line of communication to answer any questions you may have. We'll then send you a full application if you choose to apply.
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Trust us. If you're considering spending 10 weeks with us. You should probably watch these videos
Kezia Weaver, 2017 Intern
Carlos Gomez, 2017 Intern
Chris Branigan, Lead Pastor, on our intern program
Hannah Glass, 2018 Intern (Returning 2019)
Dray Murray, 2018 Intern
Brookelyn Crouch, 2017 Intern
Doug Samples, Ph.D.- Ministry Professor at Southern Nazarene University
Overview about the weekly mission teams that work with interns
What Renovation Community is like
Our lead pastor on God's faithfulness at Renovation Community
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