CIvic Innovation School and CivicWIse is promoting a marathon in order to show up several projects related with civic engagement, civic innovation, collaborative urbanism, citizen empowerment.

Point out exemples or case study for our Civic Desgin Course.
Point out people that we should have as special guests for the Civic Design Course.

Please let us know if you want to take part to our live session on 9th august.
Livestreaming > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YrLjdx45r4

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Point out some interesting project/action/space/research
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If you want you can share some document with us about the project/action/space/research
Civic Innovation School and CivicWise promote an online course on Civic Design. The fourth edition will start in October and we would like to have suggestions on who we can invite to give an online conference. More info http://civicinnovation.school/cdc4/
Suggest one or more special guests for the next Civic Design Course. Please share with us some information about him and the contact if you have it
Live Session on 9th August at 18h (GMT +2)
We are setting up a final event where you could talk about the project/action/space/research
Do you will take part on our live session on 9th august at 18h (GMT +2) ? *
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