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Aish UK Campus Team Job specification
For the past 25 years, Aish UK has aimed to inspire a deeper connection to Judaism and to ensure a vibrant future for the Jewish people. Through diverse educational opportunities, immersive experiences and enduring relationships we share the wisdom and beauty of Jewish faith, practice and community – connecting with as many young Jews as we can, whatever their background, from when they are about to leave home until they build their own.

Our campus positions are challenging and enthralling, packed full of opportunities for developing deep relationships, planning and running huge events and travelling the world.

The role includes:
- Teaching Torah classes of varying sizes
- Hosting Shabbos & Yom Tov meals
- Designing diverse educational opportunities
- Planning and running social events
- One to one mentoring & learning
- Developing relationships

Key Skills
o Authentic
o Relatable
o Relevant
o Growth orientated
o Dedicated
o Enthused with passion for Jewish growth

Professional & Career Development
We at Aish UK recognise that one of the most important concerns for a Campus Outreach position is working out where this role will lead. In lieu of this, we offer the following options for career development:

- We will fund any educator who wishes to complete a two-year MA course in Jewish education, certified by Middlesex University (in conjunction with LSJS).
- We will work with each educator to assess their core skills and provide professional training in the areas that they together with their line-manager identify as their weakest areas.
- As part of the umbrella of Jewish Futures, there is a real infrastructure for promotion and career development both within Aish UK centrally (at our London and Manchester branches) as well as nine sister organisations with hundreds of employees between them.

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