Oslo Elm Day, Call for Speakers
Oslo Elm Day takes place in Oslo, Norway on June 10 2017.

Have something you would like to present? We would love to hear your suggestions! Be sure to submit your idea before April 21.

Although anything Elm related is welcome, we are particularly interested in talks that cover one (or more) of the following topics:

- Experience reports on use of Elm in the industry
- Most pressing issues: Which features of Elm would you most like to see improved, and why?
- Research on or comparisons between Elm and competing frontend technologies
- Elm's tooling and ecosystem
- Libraries/packages: Share your experience or knowledge of particularly useful Elm packages

Have any questions? program@osloelmday.no

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Which language will you be holding the talk in? You may use English in your slides, even if you prefer to speak Norwegian, but the description of your talk should reflect the language you will be speaking. We generally recommend that you hold the talk in the language you are most comfortable with.
Talk title
Preferably an expressive and snappy title that captures the content of your talk without being too long. Remember that the title must be attractive and should make people curious.
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Give a concise description of the content and goals of your talk. This is what will go into the program if your talk is selected. Try not to exceed 300 words, as shorter and more to-the-point descriptions are more likely to actually be read by people.
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How long is your talk? You may choose between 20 or 40 minutes (including Q&A).
The outline should be a rough agenda for the talk, with a short description for each section, and preferrably with a rough estimate of the time spent on each. This section is optional, but omitting it will drastically reduce the chances of your submission being accepted. (This is for the program committee only, and will not appear in the program.)
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Additional information to the organizers
Please include any other information you feel might be relevant to us. Write anything that helps promote your talk. For example, a few words about your motivation for speaking, and links to videos and slides from previous speaker engagements, or other links that tell us about you such as your GitHub profile or your blog. (This info is for the program committee only, and will not appear in the program.)
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