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This form is to express interest in participating in an upcoming research opportunity. Andrew Clark is a doctoral student at Colorado Technical University completing his requirements for a Doctor of Management and Global Leadership. The research will be an interview and survey, to be conducted sometime in early 2018.

This is a qualitative exploratory research project under development, and formal participation requirements have not yet been established. This is not an invitation to participate in the research, merely an expression of interest in the research.

The research question under consideration is: "What are the communication challenges faced by monolingual English-speaking leaders leading multilingual teams in international nonprofit organizations?"

Completion of this form is neither a commitment to participate in the research, nor a formal invitation to participate.

You will be contacted in early 2018 with the full requirements for participation and a formal invitation to participate if you meet the requirements.

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Are you a fluent/native English speaker who uses English as their primary language in the workplace?
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