SCIENCE CASTLE in Singapore 2019 Application Form
SCIENCE CASTLE is a global conference for youth researchers and entrepreneurs. It is a platform for Junior and Senior High School students to compete in research and development project focusing on using Science and Technology to solve social challenges faced by ASEAN community and/or by the world.

This is a good opportunity for students who are:
1) Passionate about research in science and technology and bridging research and society.
2) Interested in entrepreneurship
3) High motivation in discovering new knowledge to solve real-world issues

Theme: Science and Technology in the 21st Century Society

Program Outline:
1st November (Day 1) - Poster and Oral presentations (09:00 hrs – 18:00 hrs)
2nd November (Day 2) - Workshop (contents TBA) (09:00hrs – 15:00 hrs)

Key Dates:
Application deadline: 30th August 2019 (Friday)
Announcement of selection result: 6th September 2019 (Friday)
Science Castle conference day: 1 - 2 November 2019 (Friday - Saturday)
*Selection results on both poster and oral presentation will be made directly to Team Leaders and Teachers

Venue: SIM Management House
41 Namly Avenue, Singapore 267616.

Entry Fee
STUDENT: 25 SGD / pax
* Includes application, miscellaneous fees and lunch

For any enquiry please contact:
Leave a Nest Singapore Pte Ltd
Email: /
Tel: +65 8338 7685 (office)

Section 1 of 2: General Information
Section 2 of 2: Project Submission

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