16 Tech Makerspace Survey
You are receiving this survey because of your interest in the 16 Tech Innovation District and potential partnerships with our “makerspace” initiative. A makerspace is analogous to a gym for building things, and we want to ensure that 16 Tech is designing this gym with the appropriate tools, resources, services, membership options and price points for you or your team, and the broader Central Indiana ecosystem.

This survey is intended to perform several functions:

(1) communicate and collect feedback on the proposed goals of a 16 Tech makerspace

(2) determine the tools and resources to make available

(3) determine the services and events to offer

(4) determine your level of interest and participation

We are currently in the process of designing the facility, choosing tools and planning programming, and your input will help us to make real choices based on your needs. Because we value your time, one name will be selected at random from the responses to receive a $250 credit to be applied to membership, classes or events in the 16 Tech makerspace once open.

Thank you for your participation!

Questions are either answered as a rating (with the scale below), as a checkbox, or as a brief fill-in-the-blank response.

Rating scale:

1 = strongly agree
2 = agree
3 = no opinion
4 = disagree
5 = strongly disagree
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