A few important notes:
01.) Encapsulation is usually complete within 2-4 days of pickup. Tinctures take 6 weeks.

02.) Payment is due upon placenta pickup. I accept cash, checks and/or PayPal. Checks can be made out to Stepha Lawson. PayPal is via:

03.) When baby has arrived, keep the placenta in the fridge till pick up. Placentas keep well in the fridge for up to three days. It is my standard to pick up your placenta within 24-hours of your call.
CALL or TEXT 425.283.6122 to let me know you are ready for pick up
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This helps me eliminate anything that could cause a reaction
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I have prepared placentas from home, birth center and hospital births including births using pitocin, epidurals, and c-sections. Meconium and/or poop are not necessarily a problem, I will likely cut away those areas if they are stained.
Any considerations about the health of the mother? *
Because I am working with an organ and blood, I must take precautions to ensure my safety and the safety of the birthing mother/person. Please disclose any communicable diseases. Responses are kept confidential.
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This is where you get to be creative! Figure out if you are trying to consume placenta medicine as close as possible to the original state or if you want to hide it. Think about your favorite treats!
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I like to know how you heard about me, it helps to know where my clients come from
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