NJ Non-Profit COVID-19 Survey
NJ non-profit organizations should complete this form if they are providing direct support to NJ communities impacted by COVID-19/Corona Virus.  Force the Issue NJ will publish and promote these results in order to drive donations and volunteers.
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What is the name of your Organization? *
Where is your Organization based/active? (i.e. state-wide or name your county, city or region - for example, Hudson County, Jersey City or North Jersey would all be good answers) *
Describe the Services or Relief your organization is providing to Communities Impacted by COVID-19/Corona Virus? *
Is your organization requesting donations to support this work? *
Please provide the link for readers to donate.
Is your organization seeking volunteers to support this work? *
Please describe the types of volunteers you are seeking.  For example, list volunteer activities or skills needed.
How should potential volunteers contact your organization?  For example, provide an email address or web page.
Would you like Force the Issue NJ to add your organization to an email list for similar opportunities in the future? *
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