Math Year 10 Assessment
This assessment consists of 50 questions. Please answer all the questions. Recommended duration: 60 minutes

Checked & Edited by: Mr Hazim
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1. Find the cube root of 4913. *
2. Calculate (2.1-0.078)^17, giving your answer correct to 4 significant figures. *
3. Work out 10-3x2 *
4. Calculate (√120) + (3.8^2) - 25 *
5. Convert 230,000 into standard form. *
6. Convert 4.8 x 10^-4 into an ordinary number. *
7. Find the value of (8/27)^(-1/3) *
8. Correct 63,521.769 to 1 decimal place. *
9. Jasmine works for 38 hours each week and she earns $12.15 each hour. After that she pays 14% of her earnings in tax. Calculate how much (in $) she has left after tax is paid. *
10. Sarah buys a watch for 10,000 Japanese Yen (¥). The exchange rate is $1 = ¥80.4. Calculate the cost of this watch in dollars ($). *
11. Paul and Mary go on a 14 night cruise in the Mediterranean. The price of the cruise is $237 per person per night. A tax of 6% is added to this price. Find the total amount (in $) Paul and Mary for this cruise. *
12. Jared invests $50,000 for three years at a rate of 2% per year compound interest. Calculate the total amount (in $) Jared receives at the end of the three years. *
13. John built an apartment for $180,000. He sells it for $198,000. Calculate the percentage profit that he makes. *
14. Amy is 160cm tall. The ratio of Amy's height to Nadia's height is 8:7. Work out how many centimetres taller Amy is than Nadia. *
15. Jamie has 60 counters. He gives 1/3 of his counters to Sam and 1/4 to Sally. How many counters does Jamie have left? *
16. Given 3/5 < p < 2/3. Which of the following could be a value of p? *
17. Solve 5a = 32. *
18. Solve 5b + 23 = 8. *
19. Given y=mx+c. Find the value of y when m=-2. x=-7 and c =-3. *
20. Carlo changed 800 euros (€) into dollars ($) for his holiday when the exchange rate was €1 = $1.50. His holiday was then cancelled. He changed all his dollars back into euros and he received €750. Find the new exchange rate. *
21. Complete the table of values for y = -x^2 + 5x. *
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22. Given e=21cm, f=20cm. Find the length of g. *
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23. Given f=7m, g=25m. Find the length of e. *
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24. Given e=11cm, g=61cm. Find the length of f. *
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25. Each drawing pin is made from 0.23g of metal. How many drawing pins can be made from 1kg of metal? *
26. The total mass of 38 spoons is 1824g. Work out the mass (in g) of 53 spoons. *
27. A cuboid has volume 288cm3. The cuboid has length 12cm and width 5cm. Calculate the height (in cm) of the cuboid. *
28. The base of a rectangular tank is 1.2 metres by 0.9 metres. The water in the tank is 53 centimetres deep. Calculate the number of litres of water in the tank. *
29. Two cups are mathematically similar. The larger cup has capacity 0.5 litres and height 8cm. The smaller cup has capacity 0.25 litres. Find the height (in cm) of the smaller cup. *
30. Fritz drives a distance of 381 km in 2 hours and 18 minutes. He then drives 75 km at a constant speed of 30 km/h. Calculate his average speed for the whole journey. *
31. A train leaves Barcelona at 2128 and takes 10 hours and 33 minutes to reach Paris. Calculate the time the next day when the train arrives in Paris. *
32. Convert 5 hours into minutes *
33. Convert 390 seconds into minutes *
34. Peter drives 320km in 8 hours. Calculate his average speed. *
35. Convert 350ha into m^2. *
36. Using π = 3.14, calculate the area (in cm2) of the circle if the radius is 25cm. *
37. The rectangle below is twice as long as its wide. The perimeter of the rectangle is 30cm. What is the area (in cm2) of the rectangle? *
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38. Find the volume (in cm3) of the prism below. *
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39. The perimeter of a regular hexagon is 42a + 18. Select the correct expression for the length of one of its sides. *
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40. There are 25 pupils in a class. The table shows information about their test results in maths and English. How many pupils had the same level in both maths and English? *
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41. The table shows the temperature at noon each day for one week in a city. Which day had the lowest noon temperature? *
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42. The mean age of three children is 12 years. If two more children join the group, the mean age is now 10 years. Calculate the mean age of the two new children. *
43. The number of hot drinks sold in cafe decreases as the weather becomes warmer. Which type of correlation does this statement show? *
44. "We eat more icecream as the temperature rises." What type of correlation is this? *
45. In a group of students the probability that a student is left-handed is 0.28. A student is chosen at random from the group. Find the probability that this student is not left-handed. *
46. The probability that the plane arrives on time is 0.15. What is the probability that the plane does not arrive on time? *
47. Samira and Sonia each have a bag containing 20 sweets. In each bag, there are 5 red, 6 green and 9 yellow sweets. Samira chooses one sweet at random from her bag. What is the probability that she chooses a yellow sweet? *
48. A box contains 3 red pencils, 2 blue pencils and 4 green pencils. Raj chooses 2 pencils at random, without replacement. Calculate the probability that they are both red. *
49. Sonia works in a toy shop. One week she works for 30 hours and is paid $180. Calculate the amount (in $) she is paid per hour. *
50. The shop sells bags of 40 marbles. One bag has marbles in the ratio red:blue:green = 1:3:4. Calculate the number of marbles of each colour. *
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