Sink Or Sketch @ Philly Improv Theater – April 2020
Sink Or Sketch is PHIT Improv Theater's's King-Of-The-Hill Style Sketch Comedy Competition! Each month, We put together a selection of Philly comedians and assemble brand new sketch teams to put together a brand-new sketch comedy show in one month.

These teams then go head-to-head on the PHIT second stage and only one team will win the ultimate prize – The obligation to write ANOTHER all-new sketch show the following month and defend their title against a brand new challenger! Each month they survive brings new and exciting challenges as they strive to prove whether they'll stay afloat or be swept up by the comedy currents.

If you're interested in being put on a team for a future Sink or Sketch, please fill out this short survey to be considered!

Sink or Sketch teams are selected and curated to provide a diverse mix of comedians ranging in comedic experience and background – this form only exists to gather information regarding who is interested in participating, and who would be able to work with the restrictions and time requirements that Sink or Sketch requires.
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Would you be willing and able to commit to performing a sketch comedy show on Saturday April 11th at 5:30 p.m.? *
Would you be willing and able to perform in following Sink or Sketch shows if you win during your initial show? *
Have you taken classes or performed at PHIT in the past? *
What Was That Like, Huh?
What Other Comedic Experience, If Any, Do You Have?
Which of the following of the following roles would you feel comfortable taking on in a Sink or Sketch team? *
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