Spirituality of Mountain Biking Registration
Thanks for your interest in The Spirituality of Mountain Biking!
We will meet at 7:30am at Castlegar United Church (809 Merry Creek Rd, Castlegar) on Friday, August 17.
We expect to return by 12:30pm.

This event is organized and facilitated by Castlegar United Church.
Castlegar United Church is not able to assess participants' abilities.

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I confirm that I have the equipment (in good working order), skills, and ability required to mountain bike in "intermediate" terrain for 2-3 hours with frequent breaks *
I will wear proper protective equipment (including a helmet at minimum) while biking *
I understand that I will not receive training or coaching for mountain biking at this event *
I am willing to drive the following number of people (including myself) and I have adequate insurance. (Reimbursement will range from $15 to $30 depending on the number of passengers.)
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