SCORA Steersperson Accreditation Test
WHO: SCORA needs to have knowledgeable steerspersons. All steerspersons will have to pass the test with 100% if they are to steer in a SCORA sanctioned event. 10-14 year olds are exempt and 15-16 year olds are at coach’s discretion.

WHAT: This is an open book test to show that steerspersons have acknowledged and understood the contents of the SCORA Study Guides. It is knowledge that proficient steerspersons should have on their resume of skills. Race rules change yearly. Acknowledging the race rules is key to successful events for the clubs and association alike. These Study Guides have been in the association since 2004.
Having steering knowledge is paramount in maintaining this sport’s place in the recreational boating scene. California Boating and Waterways, U.S. Coast Guard, all Southern California marine districts, harbors, beaches and parks departments, state, city and county Lifeguard departments are all looking at us to perform with due diligence and reasonable action on and off the water.

WHEN: You must complete the accreditation process BEFORE you steer in a SCORA sanctioned event. Once you have completed the questions with 100% passing rate, SCORA Registration will be notified and your coach will be able to register you as a steersperson for your crew when registering for races.

DIRECTIONS: Once you complete the entire test, you will be able to see your score along with the incorrect answers, if any. You will be able to go back and correct each incorrect answers. You must keep the window open. If you close it, you will have to take the test again from the beginning. It does not matter how many times you have to go back and correct your answers, but the entire set of sections must be passed 100% correctly to obtain accreditation. Within the questions, there is one "Best Answer". The verbiage is taken directly from each study guide. Read them, use them, they are your key to successfully passing the test.

You are on the HONOR SYSTEM. Please do not share your completed test with others who have not taken the test.

Study Guides can be found at under Races or links to each Study Guide are in their respective sections of the test.

Questions? FIRST reread the Study Guides. THEN ask your Coach. Then if you still don't have an answer email Josh, the Race Committee Chair at

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