QUESTIONNAIRE on CSR for employees
Dear Ms./Mr.

As an important principle about the economic system the European Union aspires to the social market economy; this economic system could require corporate social responsibility from the European citizens while acting economically.
With this questionnaire, we want to know your opinion on some aspects related to the “Corporate Social Responsibility”, in general. Also with this questionnaire we want to receive your opinion on concrete objectives and real (possible) CSR activities in your company.
This questionnaire is anonymous and the results will be used for the purpose of scientific research project.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Please indicate your country of origin:
Q1. How familiar are you with the concept of corporate social responsibility?
Q2. To your opinion is CSR an advantage or disadvantage of the company?
Q3. I think that my company should realize CSR in order to:
1. I disagree completely
2. If anything I disagree
3. neither … nor
4. If anything I agree
5. I agree completely
Improve the awareness level of the company
Enhance the motivation and the engagement of the employees
Improve the customers loyalty
Improve the image of the company
Have better conditions to attract qualified employees
Q4. Which of the following problems your company has recently faced (rank from 1 – never to 5 – often)?
1. Never
2. Not usualy
3. Sometimes
4. On regular bases
5. Often
Employee safety problems
Children work
Illegal work
Gender inequality
Forced overtime work
Unfair payment
Q5. According to your opinion, to what extend your company is involved in the following CSR activities? (Rate from 1 - never to 5 – often)
1. Never
2. Not usualy
3. Sometimes
4. On regular bases
5. Often
Workforce development activities (Listening to and engaging employees, com-bating harassment and bullying, skills development...):
Workforce stimulation activities (creative activities to avoid dismissals in economically critical situations; example reduced working hours)
Stimulating sustainable local economy and community activities (supporting local events, investment in the development of the municipal sector, charity, partnerships for social investment, philanthropy, volunteering)
Stakeholder engagement in decision making (Actively engaging employees, customers, suppliers and the community):
Measures to protect the environment
Q6. At what level are activities, presented in Q5, organized in your company? (Please check all that apply.)
Q7. Does your company have a CSR unit/dedicated person within the company's organizational structure?
Q8. Does your company have a CSR policy in place?
Q9. Does your company report publicly on CSR practices and their impact?
Q10. Does your company use some of these CSR practices/certifications (you can check more than one answer)?
Q11. The important aspects of the CSR are: Environmental, Social, Economic, Stakeholder and Voluntariness dimension, please rate how much are you familiar with the meaning of each of those aspects:
1. Not at all
2. I have heard about it
3. I know something about it
4. I know much about it
5. I know everything about it
Q12. If your answer for the aspects in Q11 was above 1, please rate the importance of all given as-pects:
1. Unimportant
2. Dispensable
3. Desirable
4. Important
5. Decisive
Q13. Please rate the extent to which your company is implementing those aspects:
1. not at all
2. to a minor degree
3. significant
4. highly
5. to a very great extent
Q14. Please rate the influence of applied CSR activities on following business performances of your company (from 1-without impact to 5 – very high impact):
1. Without impact
2. Small impact
3. Moderate impact
4. High impact
5. Very high impact
Sales (long-term increase)
Customer loyalty
Better conditions to attract qualified employees
Employee loyalty/engagement ow 6
Trust (employees, customers, …)
Cost reduction
Q15. Barriers/obstacles that your company encountered for behaving more socially responsibly, in your opinion (please rate from 1 – this is not an obstacle to 5 – one of the main obstacles):
1. This is not an obstacle
2. This is small obstacle
3. This is obstacle
4. This is large obstacle
5. This is one of the main obstacles
Lack of information on CSR
Lack of human resources/capacities
Lack of financial resources
Absence of state/government support
Absence of public support/pressure
Lack of know-how for implementation of CSR principles
Lack of motivation of the employes
Q16. Which of the following measures has your company adopted to reduce environmental impact (rate 1- never to 5 – always)?
1. Newer
2. Not usually
. Sometimes
4. Usually
5. Always
Energy saving
Waste recycling
Mobility management (car pooling, car sharing)
Sustainable packaging
Develop of environmental friendly product
Life Cycle Assessment processes
Management of environmental system
Use of renewable resources
Q17. Which are concrete actions towards the community in which your company operates (1 -never to 5 - often)?
1. Never
2. Not usually
3. Sometimes
4. Usually
5. Often
Donating to organizations having social or environmental utility
Sponsorship of sport and cultural events
Cause Related Marketing campaign
Partnership projects of social solidarity
Corporate foundation
Corporate voluntary work
Q18. Employee engagement and satisfaction (1 – not at all to 5 - completely).
1. Not at all
2. To some extent
3. Moderate
4. To large extent
5. Completely
How happy are you at work?
How would you rate your organization's culture?
How valued do you feel at work?
How would you rate your colleagues and team members?
How would you rate the performance of your direct supervisor?
How much opportunity do you have for professional growth in this or-ganization?
I am inspired to meet my goals at work.
I feel completely involved in my work.
I get excited when going to my work.
How likely is it that you would recommend our organization's products or services to a friend or colleague?
How well do you think the company services its customers?
Do you talk about your company with pleasure, sometimes with proud-ness outside of your working place talking with other people within your private neighborhood or at parties?
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