Do Something Club Survey
Give us some feed back on our campaign to stop the distribution of plastic water bottles at Olympia High School!
Do you buy plastic water bottles from locations on campus, and if so, where do you purchase them from? Check all that apply
Do you bring a reusable water bottle to school on a daily basis?
If you use plastic water bottles, how often do you recycle them?
Do you think the school has enough recycling bins available to students?
Do you use plastic water bottles that are supplied at school events and sports games?
Would you be more inclined to use a reusable water bottle if there were hydration stations installed around the school?
Would you be more likely to use a reusable water bottles if they were available for purchase at the school?
If you would be in support of eliminating the distribution of plastic water bottles at Olympia High School, please write your name in the blank to represent your signature.
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