Work Order Description
PLEASE FOR ANY CLEANING EMERGENCY CALL 800-305-1118. This form is to be used for common area, NON-URGENT, call us at 800-305-1118. Urgent or emergency are things like sewer back ups, trash chute clogs or large leak clean ups. Non-Urgent Requests are to be sent AT LEAST 24 hours before your regularly scheduled building cleaning(s). The schedule for the teams can be sought are Maid service can be scheduled at your convenience and for the most part can be completed with a few hours notice. There is no limit on the amount of work orders – see below for examples. The Resident Manager is responsible for maintaining all supplies AT THE BUILDING to include current exterior paint colors for touch-ups and graffiti, and all sizes of correct warm color lightbulbs.

SMALL WO’s (completed in approximately 15 minutes by cleaning team) some examples:
One 55gal bag of debris
One medium size TV
3 out of reach light bulb replacements
5x20 additional mop space
4 external Windows
1 easily accessible air well clean (3x5) space 
2x2 touch up paint

MEDIUM WO’s (completed in approximately 16-30 minutes by inspection team) some examples:
Four 55 gal bags of debris
2 TV’s
1-3 mattresses
Two 20x20 mopped space
6-8 external window cleaning
3 easily accessible air wells or one difficult (5x5 space)
2x4 touch up paint
Floor polish
Maid service cleaning of a vacant, occupied or furnished unit.

LARGE: Well... all the big stuff! :) Typically takes 31-60 minutes to complete or is a haul that contains appliances or items that take up excessive space or are expensive to dispose. Other examples are carpet cleaning and paint and clean.

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