Exile - Bring Your Darling
This is the official signup for Exile 2017
October 25th – October 29th

This is the signup form. Check http://exile.dk for details.

We have limited spots, so don't book your flight/travels before you have received a confirmation email from us.

This is not a jam, so no new idea. Apply as a team with a project in mind. This is not to judge your project, but to make sure we only get people who got a plan and made an effort.

We will do our best to distribute the spots to people/teams going in different directions and having a diverse set of disciplines represented. Meaning if you and 5 other teams all plan to work on artsy shader projects or if you are only programmers, then it is more likely that the team of audio/designer/programmer people wanting to make an interactive podcast gets the spot.

The price is 1100 DKK per seat.

We will know the final amount of available spots the 15th of September. We will send you a personal signup link when you are in. If you didn't make it you will be put on a waiting list and offered a spot if someone cancels. We hope to have all seats distributed by 20th of September.

Please signup as a team with member names listed or just yourself if you plan to work solo.
It's not a big issue if you are one more or less persons than specified. If you are offered a spot you get to update the information.


Tim Garbos, Jesper Taxbøl & Vallekilde Højskole

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