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Training on the BitMex exchange in one video - (duration 1:18:00)

Who doesn't have a lot of time to watch this video. In 1:18:00 a.m. you will have a complete overview of the stock exchange and its functionality.

1. Register for BITMEX 06:24
2. Account setup, Two-Factor Authentication. 09:07
3. Balance top up 12:21
4. Financing and types of Commissions at BITMEX 17:46
5. Interface and prices on the chart 24:35
6. Trade order, order setting, Limit order 30:02
7. Leverage and how to work with it 34:46
8. Liquidation price, how to place an order correctly 37:34
9. Working with a pending order, Margin and Liquidation price change 49:05
10. Close order and flexible interface 53:40
11 Altcoins and futures on BITMEX. How to trade Altcoins 59:00
12. Profit/loss displayed in the interface. Unrealized PNL 01:02:15
13. Stop Loss Setting up and installing Stop Loss on BITMEX 01:03:16
14. Profit/Loss how to calculate (BITMEX calculator) 01:07:42

Those who are not yet registered on Bitmex - you can register on our affiliate link and get -10% discount on commission. Or register a second account and save on commissions (Bitmex does not punish for multiaccounts).

The link for registration from WBCC CLUB:

For beginners, Bitmex has a unique instrument and simulator - trading on a demo account.

When trading on a demo account you do not risk your funds. You trade wrappers, but all the functionality of the exchange is available to you.

Link to Demo Trading:

Registration link in your personal cabinet:

Club website:

If you are interested, make a deposit and send the form below. You will be contacted within a few minutes.

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