2017 Reunion Registration
Celebrating Whispering Pines' 50th Anniversary - Prescott, Arizona
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Please Complete Entire Form: Go through several pages completing each page as applicable and click "next" and then after the last page about special needs click "Submit" to register.
Our price structure is designed with families in mind. We are hopeful that no one is deterred by
the price of this Reunion experience. Please contact the Reunion directorate about the
congregational/AZ Mission Center Campership Program if there is a financial limitation.

A la Carte Pricing - $20 per person per day (Day use fee requirement)
Meals = (ages 11+ = $10, ages 4-10 = $5 per meal and ages 0-3 meals are Free!!)

Weekend Reduced Capped Rate (includes day use fees and meals) per person = $100 (reduced
from actual cost of $130 for Fri - Sat - Sun)

Single Person Reduced Weekly Capped Rate (includes day use fees and meals) = $200 (reduced
from actual cost of $260)

Family Reduced Weekly Capped Rate (includes day use fees and meals) = $600 (based on family
of 4 reduced from actual cost of approximately $1000)

These rates are well below the actual cost of Reunion, however we HOPE that each
person/family who are able will give extra - over and above these rates. All fees are due
at the start of Reunion on the day of arrival.
How can I reduce camp costs?
If you or someone you know is unsure about attending Reunion due to financial
limitations, we strongly encourage you to look into the campership program. There are
funds available that have been designated to strengthen our camp community by
providing the opportunity for participation. Please ask your congregation or the
directorate about this program. We ask that you pay what you can afford.
How can I help others with camp costs?
Campers with financial limitations are eligible for the campership program through their
local congregation and Mission Center. We ask those of you, who can afford to help, to
consider a gift to the campership program. Please consider any amount over your
registration requirement to support this great program. If you are unable to attend
Reunion, but would like to be a part of this Reunion experience, please consider giving
what it would normally cost you and your family to attend. Checks can be made out to
Community of Christ. A donation to the campership program can also be done
throughout the year.
Community/Kingdom Building Exercises
There will be opportunities for off site excursions. If you would like to participate in golf,
canoeing/kayaking, fishing and/or mountain biking. Please bring your own equipment,
including an Arizona Fishing License for those 10 years and older. (ie Mountain bikes,
fishing poles, lures, hooks, helmets, golf clubs, canoes/kayaks, life jackets, swimsuits,
water bottles for hiking, proper footwear, other appropriate gear, etc.) If you do not have
the required gear another option will be available to you in place of these excursions.
The appropriate safety equipment is required. Additional fees may also apply above the
total cost of Reunion. Canoes/Life Jackets are available at Whispering Pines, but are
A dog that is not a service dog as defined by the American Disabilities Act (ADA), will not be allowed and will be asked to leave. A certificate must be
presented to the Reunion Directorate for approval prior to arrival at camp. A SERVICE DOG as defined by the ADA will be the only
type of dog allowed during our Reunion experience. Unfortunately, we do not have the facilities to accommodate overnight pets, including service dogs. Dogs are not permitted in the Dining Hall.
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