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Prosto VC is a club of active angel investors and syndicators for co-investing in startups all around the Globe.
  • Here you can join high-quality deals of well-known venture funds and eminent angel investors.
  • We provide deals in various industries, geographies, stages and business models.
  • We have brunches of Early stage web2, Web3 and Late stage deals.
  • The club is open to both experienced and novice venture capitalists.
  • We actively exchange expertise and insights in the club, and maintain our own database of useful recordings and materials for investors.
The information below is needed for the club administrators not only to make a decision about joining, but also to offer you relevant startups, deals and help in matching with other club members.

We recommend that you first familiarize yourself with the community rules:
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Have you passed the KYC prosedure before? *
(have you already passed the procedure of verification and approval of investments in international transactions? As a rule, it includes checking the absence from the sanctions lists and the ability to invest from non- sanctioned banks)
If yes, in which organization/jurisdiction?
(who conducted your KYC procedure or in which country was the transaction accompanied by such verification)
How many venture deals are you planning to take part in in the coming year?
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How much of the check are you willing to invest? *
Specify the amount in dollars. The club does not impose requirements for the minimum amount - it is determined by the syndicator for each deal separately.
What other venture clubs/syndicates do you participate in?
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What porofessional expertise do you have? *
An important component of the club is the association of professionals from various fields with different competencies, worldview, social capital and their mutual sharing within the community.
Tell us about your experience, which may be useful to other members of the community.
Specify the guarantor from among the current members of the club *
Guarantor = the participant who recommended the club to you. The presence of a guarantor greatly increases the probability of acceptance of your application.
If there is no guarantor, indicate where you learned about the community.
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The current rules are posted at the link:
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