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closes 25th august 2019

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tell us what this talk is about, and why people should come see it. write this in a way that people new to security would appreciate. to appear on the website
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what area is this in / what assumed knowledge (if any) might be useful for people coming to / following your talk?
anything that'll help people to understand the core concepts and get onboard with your purple flavoured adventure (links are great! and this will appear on the website)
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or any other attack surface you would like exposed on purplecon.nz
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talk description, including: an overview, structure, and a description of any tooling, flowcharts, spreadsheets, or mixtapes you plan to release
give us your rough notes, your hopes and dreams, and anything else you wanna tell us about this talk. give us as much detail as you can. recordings of previous versions of the talk are okay, pretty much you can put anything you want here. this is for the purplecon crew only.
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how long is your talk? *
it can be hard to learn a lot of new content in one day, so we prefer short talks that get across a few points and encourage attendees to follow up on content they found interesting. we also recognise that for some ideas it can take a bit more time to explain context and to fairly illustrate the concepts.
plz help with
we can't actually promise anything, but hey, let us know about your hopes and dreams
anything else you'd like to say/ask or would you like to add an entry into the optional cfp vegan recipe competition?
got a recipe for a yummy lasagna?
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The Great Archive *
following the conference we will be publishing a collection of resources including your slides and accompanying documentation on the public blagosphere. this is so people can Actually Use your ideas days, months, or even years after the con. to that end, we're asking that you submit documentation alongside your talk that anyone can follow to make these improvements (hey it's like an actual call for papers!)
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