In order to apply to this major European Recovery Campaign, each destination is requested to complete this form highlighting their interest in the Chinese Market and any strategies already being worked on or its targets and goals towards this market.

This form aims at better understanding each Destination, their goals and also in helping to collect information on potential existing tools, so that they too can be used through this campaign.

The presence or not of any existing operational strategy, will not be a deciding criteria that will be used to select the final 20 destinations. The approval of the selected destinations will be at the discretion of ETC.

We hereby thank you for completing the attached form before Friday, July 10th, 12:00AM. Unfortunately, we will not be in a position to accept any new applications after this date for roadmap purposes.

Should you have any questions about the application, then please contact the EuroPass's team :

- Yamin SAADI : for all questions linked to Strategy Design
- Anna NDIAYE: for all project management related aspects
- Thibault LEMIERRE: for all business management related aspects
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Brand name of the Destination *
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Name of the organization representative *
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Please also indicate the country code
Have you already designed a strategy towards the Chinese Market ? *
Since when did you start to work on the Chinese Market? *
What kind of audience are you targeting on the Chinese Market ? *
Which segment(s) of the market do you target? *
How many Chinese tourists did you welcome on 2019 (Passing Trade)? *
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What are your objectives towards the Chinese Market? *
Please specify what your expectations are in terms of target audiences and metrics that you would like to achieve. Do not hesitate to mention the time frame in which you'd like to achieve those metrics.
What is your strategy towards the Chinese Market? *
Please specify the actions you've undertaken until now on the Chinese Market and also the future actions that you plan to run.
Have you already developed tools to address this market which does require a specific strategy? *
Please indicate if you've created a website or any social networks campaigns applying to the Chinese Market (WeChat, Weibo, Mafengwo, Douyin, Little Red Book....)
What budget did you allocate on average to the Chinese Market on 2019 ? *
If 2019 was not a relevant year, please pick the average amount spent on a per-year basis over the three last years
Do you have a Chinese speaking ressource in your team? *
To run this marketing campaign, we've set-up five Clusters to identify the destinations and follow a breadcrumb trail. Please identify the different clusters in which your brand could fit. *
The five following clusters are directly derived from the European Travel Commission's target themes : 1/ Nature & Outdoors 2/ Creative Cities. The brands will be attributed to one of those clusters for campaign animation purpose.
Please indicate the 4 Hotspots (attractions, monuments, hotels...), you would like to highlight during the KOL journey over your destination *
During the second phase of the campaign, a group of KOLs will come to visit your destination and promote it powerfully. To this end, we need you to indicate the four hotspots you'd like to highlight during those two days. Please note that those places could not be further than 1h00 driving from each other.
Thank you very much for your application. We'll pay the greatest attention to all the information you supplied and come back to you by Monday, July 20th, 2020 with the results. On behalf of all ETC, ETOA & EuroPass's teams, we thank you for your interest through this unprecedented collective campaign. Information regarding the campaign fees : Campaign value = 50,000€ | Campaign cost: 20,000€ | European Travel Commission contribution : 10,000€ | Destination participation: 10,000€
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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