Player Info // Winter Soccer 2019
Please fill out this form ASAP if you are interested in joining or subbing for the Atomic Coconuts team in the Winter Zog Sports League. Note most questions are optional!
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Facebook URL
So we recognize you when you request to join the Atomic Coconuts private facebook group
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Did you venmo Mikka Minx (@mikkaminx) to be on the team or are you interested in joining just for the games that we need subs? *
Venmo $110 to @mikkaminx if you want to be on the team, subs are free (loaders)
How would you rate your skill level? *
In comparison to other REC soccer players. If you played in collegiate level (or trained for the world cup team), you're a 5. If you've played some recreational soccer, you're a 1.
What is your vote for our T shirt color?
What position on the field do you like to play? *
This league is 8v8, and we play a 3-3-1. Are you a defender, forward, midfield, goalie, or prefer a specific side? If you play keep, do you have goalie gloves?
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Are you in the private team facebook group? *
All communication and updates will be posted in the Atomic Coconuts group so we need you in there! Please join the group now:
Do you have any other friends who might want to join the team? Or be a sub?
There's a few spots left, please connect them with Mikka ASAP (via group fb message) AND add them to the Atomic Coconuts facebook group
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Are you interested in being a co captain?
Would involve taking on tasks such as: - Managing players' positions and playing time, making suggestions for changes to our plays during halftime/before game/ideas for next game and warming up the team before the game.
Are you interested in any of the following team meet ups/hang outs?
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Comments or suggestions for the team?
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If you already know your availability for the games, please tell us yes, no or maybe so we can acquire the right number of subs for the game. All games are on Saturdays between 10am-2pm at Mission High School.
Oct 19 *
Oct 26
Nov 2
Nov 9
Nov 16
Nov 23
Dec 7 (Mikka's birthday yay!)
DEC 14 (playoffs)
Anything else you need us to know about your availability?
If you feel the need to elaborate on the above dates.
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What is your favorite Ice Cream flavor? *
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