MESA's Pre-Curriculum Survey for Beginning Farmers
Thank you so much for taking our quick survey on MESA's Applied Agroecology Curriculum to enrich hands-on learning! With your responses, MESA can improve upon our curriculum platform, modules, and content in order to offer you a collaborative and comprehensive learning experience. This program begins by September 2016!
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How did you find out about our course curriculum in Applied Agroecology?
What drew you to engage with MESA's curriculum apart from other courses in agroecology that are available?
How well do you know MESA's work and programs?
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Have you previously taken any agroeology courses?
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If you answered Yes on the previous question, please explain where or through what program you took a course in agroecology?
If you answered No on the previous the question, you may skip this question.
What are you most excited about regarding the potential for MESA's curriculum platform?
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How important is it for you to earn a Certificate in Applied Agroecology?
For this pilot year, courses are free for participants, but do not include staff monitoring, other services, or the certificate. Toward the end of your first course, you will be invited to earn a Certificate in Applied Agroecology and receive additional services for a $150-$250 sliding scale fee.
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Other courses I'd like to see included on MESA's platform in the future include:
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