The International Electronic Art Festival Timeline: BH invites artists/authors from all over the world to participate in the Timeline: BH 2019, the fifth edition. The inscriptions are open for experimental electronic films, documentaries, videoperformance and any format for single channel projection. In accordance with the diversity and aesthetic similarities of what will be inscribed by the interested parties and selected by the curators of the event, 60 minute programs will be created . Each author can enter several works, as long as they have not been displayed in previous editions.

There’s no prohibition on the deadline for authorship, as long as the work is completed
until the moment of registration.

Preferably, the entries must have a maximum duration of 20 minutes.
Works that exceed 20 minutes can also be registered, but will be evaluated for a
single program, more judicious, because we aim to show a greater amount of
works by different authors.

In cases of collective creations, it is necessary to present a responsible author; this, like the others, should be in accordance with the projection of the work, as well as with the placement and publication of frames, specific production data and critical notes.

All information to be filled in is required, as well as the sending of frames, arguments and links of the works.

It is the sole responsibility of the author or group of authors the unauthorized use of properties
intellectuals from another authors.

We accept any audiovisual format. Regardless of the authors' original proposals for their works, all will be displayed in the projection room. If the author (s) want to display in another device, they must make available the necessary equipment and bear the said costs. We are not responsible for additional costs.

All sessions will be free, and there may be discussions by the organization, curators, authors and the public.

We accept intellectual contributions such as manifestos, critical texts and essays to be added to the catalog. They must be written in Portuguese or English, in addition to the original language, and it is the sole responsibility of the author or group of authors to use unauthorized intellectual property from another authors.

The deadline for registration will be May 31, 2019

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