RCon Main Stage - Live Event Proposal
Thank you for your interest in submitting to participate in a Rhizome Connect 2021 Live Event; we are very excited to read your proposal. Before you begin, please understand that due to scheduling limitations, not everyone who submits will be confirmed for a time slot during the event. However, we will do our very best to accept as many Live Event Proposals as time and space allow, and we will be as inclusive as possible throughout the process.

Finally, in addition to filling out this form, please be sure to register for the event itself through RhizomeConnect.com and use the SAME email address (gmail preferred) you're using to complete this form.

You may contact us at submissions@rhizomeconnect.com with any questions regarding submissions.

OCTOBER 18 is the deadline to have EVERYTHING organized and finalized with your RCon Submissions Representative. Submissions received by October 4th, will receive preferential scheduling options.

------------- HELPFUL LINKS -------------
* Need to REGISTER? https://RhizomeConnect.com/Register
* Are you looking for the showcase booth submission form? https://RhizomeConnect.com/Submit-Booth
* Would you like to submit art to the curated exhibition? https://RhizomeConnect.com/ArtistBrief
* Are you interested in volunteering for Rhizome Connect? https://RhizomeConnect.com/Volunteer
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Rhizome Connect promotes and encourages the diversity and inclusion of all ARMYs. This is also an all-ages event. Please be mindful of this in your proposals and make efforts to fully represent and accommodate your fellow ARMYs. *
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