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Thank you for your interest in the 2017 WYC Sail Plus Program. We are looking forward to another great summer on the water. Our US Sailing Level 1 Certified Instructors are committed to incorporating lessons on and off the water. Our focus is for the mariners to experience the thrill of maritime life, assuming responsibility, building self-esteem and confidence, while building lifelong friendships. The mariners should feel comfortable, safe, and secure while at the club and on the water, whether they are skippering or crewing a boat, kayaking, paddle boarding or involved in other maritime activities. Most important, the program is designed so the mariners have a FUN and ENJOYABLE time while at WYC.

This season we will be offering 9AM to 3PM classes, for the entire summer; or broken up into two sessions (July and August). Our hope is to enable those who wish to participate the opportunity to be involved without committing to the entire summer and interfering with family vacations.

Session 1 June 26-July 21
Session 2 July 24 - August 18

Each class will be divided up in groups by experience. All curriculum will be age appropriate and will focus on acquiring skills and mastering them. Each mariner will receive a book in which the senior instructor will sign off on skills mastered.

Sailor Responsibilities
1. USCG Approved Life Jackets with a whistle attached, MUST be worn at all times during the program. NO EXCEPTIONS! Anyone age 12 or under must wear their Life Jacket while on the dock system as well. The only exception will be while swimming in the designated Swim Area.
2. Sailors should arrive on-time, and ready to participate. That means with sunblock on, back pack and personal gear stowed inside, and the proper clothing worn ( see handbook)
3. Sailors are responsible for ensuring the boats are fully rigged in the morning, and all gear stowed at the end of class/day. They are responsible for stowing the boats each day.
4. The instructors WILL NOT be responsible for the sailors before 8:30AM, and after 3:30 PM

Parent Responsibilities
1. Sailors under the age of 12 cannot be left unattended before or after their class. Instructors are only responsible for your children during their scheduled class. If over the age of 12, sailors can become Jr. Members and can be at the club without parental supervision. However, they must adhere to the rules of the club.
2. Please ensure your children wear the appropriate clothing each day. I would recommend bringing a backpack with additional clothing and a towel ( additional information in handbook).
3. It is the parent’s responsibility to get their own boats to and from the club for the season, as well as to and from any regattas in which they participate in.
4. Over the course of the season if you wish to volunteer, or assist in the regattas, or any other function, we would welcome your involvement. It’s your support that enables our program to be a memorable experience.

1. Any dates/reminders will be posted on the bulletin board at the club.
2. A weekly email will be sent with updates.
3. You can always reach out to any of the instructors, Bridge/Board Member, or myself.

We will have class rain or shine. If the weather does not allow us to be on the water, we will work on other maritime skills.

Thank you for your interest in the WYC Sail Plus Program. In addition to our daily program, we hope to bring back the Tuesday Night Twilight Sail which is open to all sailors and their family. This is the perfect opportunity for the kids to show you what they have learned, and hopefully get you on the water with them. The Galley will be open, come on down, sail with the family, and watch the sun set over the water. We are looking forward to seeing you this summer!

JIm Bennette
WYC Sail Plus program


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