Applications to join the Bear Development Team or the Bear Pro U23 Team will be accepted August 1st - August 24th.
We encourage you to complete & send in your application as soon as possible.

The categories of our MTB team include:
Junior 15-16 Boys & Girls, Elite & Race Teams
Junior 17-18 Boys & Girls, Elite & Race Teams
U23 Men & Women, Elite Team

Members of the Elite Teams & members of the Race Teams are equally a part of the BEAR community.
Members of the Elite Team are fully supported by our equipment sponsors.
Members of the Race Team are partially supported by our equipment sponsors.

We welcome applicants from all 50 states!

If you are younger than 15 years old but still want to learn more about Bear Development Team, please reach out to us at

We cannot accept any international riders, or any riders that are older than 23 at this time.

About The Application:

Our application process consists of this questionnaire and 4 document uploads: Your race resume, a personal essay, one cycling recommendation letter, and one personal recommendation letter.

If you are unable to upload these documents for any reason, please email them to The email should include your name, phone number, and birthday so we can match up the document with your application. You can also ask the individual who is writing your personal recommendation letter to email us the document directly. Please make sure they include your full name in the letter & that they send their letter to before midnight PST on 8/24. Thank you!

Please make an effort to completely answer all required questions, and to turn in your application & all its parts before the deadline at midnight PST on 8/24. The earlier the better!

We will not accept late applications.

We will not accept incomplete applications.

In an effort to be as thorough in our decision-making process as possible, we will take 2 weeks to make our decision on selections for the 2019 Team.

Decisions will be published on September 7, 2018 via

If you do not have a Gmail Account already, we encourage you to make one now. It will make the questionnaire process easier for you, and it will make future contact between us easier as well.

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