2018 CAST Teacher Awards Application
This application must be completed by September 30, 2018.

Sponsored by Colorado Association of Science Teachers (CAST) and American Vacuum Society Excellence in Science Education Award includes recognition at Colorado Science Convention (November 9, 2018), plaque and $500 for personal use.

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Please attach a PDF file of the nominee's current resume. (The resume should reflect recent professional growth experiences and awards/honors.)
Application Prompts for the Nominee
Please select and respond to TWO of the FIVE prompts below. Nominee's that fail to respond to two prompts will not be considered.
1. Briefly describe a particularly effective science lesson you planned and implemented this past school year. Include the content of the lesson, the teaching techniques used, and how you determined its effectiveness. [Content Knowledge and Pedagogy ]
2. Briefly describe how you enable your students to be scientists in your classroom*? Include what science looks like in your class and the strategies you use to support science processes. [Focus on Student Learning]
3. Tell us about a time that a student reported back to you about a significant connection they made between a classroom* science experience and the real world. This may have been shared with you at a later time. [Focus on Student Learning]
4. Describe your science classroom*’s community connections. How do you / your science students reach out to the community or how do you / your science students bring the community into your classroom*? [Focus on Science Connections]
5. Describe your leadership within the science education community. How do you contribute to the improvement of science teaching and learning within a larger community of science teachers - perhaps within the building, the district, the region, the state, or the nation? [Professional Growth and Leadership]
If you have any difficulties with your submission, please contact DeLene Hoffner at dscinut@gmail.com .
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