2020 Poe Fest International Performance Application
***This application is for performers and readers ONLY. Vendors, concessions or volunteers, please return to the festival "Exhibitors & Volunteers" page to find the appropriate application. The International Edgar Allan Poe Festival is booking performances on a rolling basis through July 30, 2020. Only accepted applicants will be notified; please DO NOT contact festival staff via social media to ask for the status of your proposal.***

Poe Fest International will be held as scheduled, October 3 & 4, 2020, but the format will be quite different in deference to social distancing. There may not be traditional festival grounds staged at Poe House this year—we are still waiting to see how the COVID-19 emergency will change public events. However, the festival will be a hybrid event, with majority live segments broadcast and/or presented virtually online. Recorded content will also be presented through the entire month of October, effectively extending the festival until Halloween.  Our intention is to create a virtual experience to compliment the festival or to take its place entirely if necessary.

Performers are asked to propose a flat fee to provide recorded or live performance content for the committee to consider.  For pre-recorded and live sessions, you will be responsible for all staging, lighting and equipment at your own recording site; Poe Baltimore will be responsible for broadcasting the session via our Webinar platform.

All Pre-recorded segments will be used over the entire month of October. Live Sessions will also be recorded festival weekend and then shown over the entire month of October. Copyright for this content remains with you and the segment will be taken down and not used again by us after October 31, 2020. Performers who participate virtually will be given space in our digital wall of performers (sounds ominous!) with promotion via our social media channels.

Please complete this form to propose one or all of the following:

A. 30-minute pre-recorded segment or performance (i.e. instruction or demonstration, musical or dramatic performance.) Any performances requiring coordinated sound or music should be limited to this 30-minute pre-recorded format to ensure quality.

B. An interactive 60-minute livestream program (via Zoom webinar) where live participants can comment and ask questions as you present, demonstrate, perform, etc. You may create a pre-recorded segment as part of the program and then spend the rest of the presentation interacting  with the live audience.

C. In the event we can have the festival in the same format as years past, you would like to perform in person.

Please complete this form to propose content for this year's festival. Once received, the Poe Fest Int'l committee will review the proposals and render a determination. Every endeavor will be made to notify performers promptly, but final determination may not be made until July 30.

Thank you for your interest in performing at The International Edgar Allan Poe Festival & Awards!

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