AnyKey Affiliate Program Application
The AnyKey Affiliates program aims to amplify and support individuals and organizations that are working to increase diversity, inclusion, and equity in gaming communities.

Are you a content creator, competitor, community leader, team manager, charity organizer, or researcher whose work is making gaming more inclusive for players of all kinds, especially those that are marginalized?

Then you should apply!

Every quarter, we review the applications we've received, and extend invitations to a cohort of ~10 representatives who have demonstrated that they are outstanding role models and advocates for inclusive values through their words, actions, content, and community engagement.

Affiliates join the program on a voluntary basis and receive no direct compensation for their participation. They are expected to uphold the spirit of AnyKey's Keystone Code and work towards a culture of inclusion in their gaming spaces. In addition to amplification through our platform, Affiliates benefit from access to AnyKey's global network of like-minded folks keeping it comfy in games, as well as behind-the-scenes consulting.

Meet the current AnyKey Affiliates:

To apply please fill out the form below. Please note that it requires some basic information, three short responses (each two tweets long), and a 60 second video introducing yourself.

Apply now for consideration to join the Spring 2021 cohort!
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