Bristol & the Sustainable Development Goals: Organisations’ views
We – Liz Turner, Allan MacLeod, Tess Skidmore, and Suzy Carden-Noad – are a group of masters’ students currently enrolled on the University of Bristol’s Environmental Policy and Management programme. We’ve teamed up with the BGCP and other stakeholders to assess how the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) may be used as a tool for tackling Bristol’s issues. We’ll be assessing where Bristol is performing well and what might prevent Bristol from meeting the 2030 targets. All the while, we will also be aiming to establish how useful the SDGs are as a framework for tackling social and environmental issues, including resilience, on a city scale.

Thank you so much for filling out this questionnaire for us. The results of this questionnaire will be used within a University of Bristol Masters report, and final data will be shared with Bristol Green Capital Partnership and Bristol City Council. Please contact Suzy,, for any additional questions.

1-a. Name of organisation
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1-b. Size of organisation
2-a. As an organisation, are you actively addressing any of the following? This may be from a business perspective, or an altruistic perspective. Please tick any that apply
2-b. If you have answered YES to any of the above, are you happy for us to contact you for further details?
3-a. As an organisation, are you aware of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?
3-b. If you answered YES to 3-a: Where did you hear about the goals?
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3-c. If you answered YES to 3-a: Has your knowledge of the SDGs changed your organisation's practices or sustainability programmes?
3-d. If you answered YES to 3-a: How do you think Bristol as a city could better implement the SDGs?
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