Tell Mayor Durkan: Do Not  Evict Northlake Tiny House Village! Protect Homeless Neighbors during the Coronavirus crisis!
Tuesday March 10, 2020

Dear Mayor Durkan,

We are united in urging you to immediately stop your plans to close the Northlake Tiny House Village at the end of this month, and instead pledge to support our 23 homeless neighbors at the village with a new one-year permit. We hope you will do this as part of your emergency measures to address the Coronavirus crisis.

As you well know, the practical effect of an eviction would be to cruelly push people on to the street who are at present in tiny houses, with heat to protect them from the cold, access to a kitchen and to washrooms, and who are part of a supportive community.

In light of the Coronavirus crisis facing our region, immediately reestablishing the permit for the Northlake village should be a straightforward use of your emergency powers.

Tonight, in this extraordinarily wealthy city, thousands of people will be forced to sleep in cars, ride public transit, or gather in overcrowded shelters. The eviction of the Northlake village would be a human tragedy, particularly given the danger Coronavirus poses to unsheltered people in Seattle, who are much more likely to have the underlying health conditions that make them vulnerable.

The housing unaffordability and homelessness crisis has worsened because rents are out of control and because some of the world’s richest individuals and corporations escape any responsibility to pay their fair share of the city’s taxes so we can build affordable housing. This is a moral shame. By closing Northlake Village later this month, you will exacerbate the human crisis.

That is why we call on you to immediately and publicly declare that the City will not evict the Northlake Tiny House Village residents this month, and will instead provide them with a new permit for the next year.

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