SCNA Neighborhood and Plan Modification Survey
We’re proposing some changes to our project priorities and some budget changes to help us be able to help strengthen our neighborhood and community during these challenging times.

Let us know what you think!

Complete our online survey by deadline extended to July7th or contact us at 612-597-9464 about the proposed changes on the back and your name will be entered into a drawing for a $100 gift card!
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Home Improvements
Home security
Youth programming
Gardening locally
Creekview Park and Recreation Center and Park improvements
Community Safety
Local businesses
Local schools
Environmental issues
Retooling police, funding and supporting them
Retooling police, defunding and relying more on community policing
Strong place-based neighborhood organization to represent Shingle Creek
Top concern
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Fifth concern
Is there a top concern not mentioned?
Plan Modifications are needed to adjust some of our funding to assist us with the work to help with rebuilding and reshaping our neighborhood and community. Shingle Creek residents can vote on whether SCNA should make these plan modifications.
Thank you for your vote on the plan modification: Do you agree with the plan modifications: *
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