#Writemotivation May 2012 - Goal Check
The point of #writemotivation Goal-Check Months is as follows:

It’s not about competition or getting first or second play - the only competition is with yourself and that damned writer’s ego. This time we're taking a different approach. We're going to encourage those of you seeking CP or Beta partners to see if you can help each other. Please fill out the questions so we can prepare a post about the beta Match Up :D

1. Make a list of realistic goals for the month – and achieve them.
2. Make a Blog Post every week (preferably Monday, but if you don’t post on Mondays just add it to the next day you would normally post ). This is to help us keep tabs on our own progress, and for others to cheer us on if it’s a difficult week. Please link to the post in the #writemotivation hashtag
3. Visit your #writemotivation team mates blogs, and participate in the #writemotivation hashtag to cheer people on
4. Please fill in the form below.
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