BHS Jazz Alumni Survey for Graduates who Majored or Minored in Music
Dear BHS Jazz Alum,

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about your music education after graduation from Berkeley High. Your insights will be extremely helpful to current BHS Jazz students considering their options for the future. All answers will be confidential, but if you are willing to answer further questions from current students about your educational experience, please provide your email or preferred contact at the end of the survey.

The survey has 16 questions, with mostly quick multiple-choice or short-answer replies, and should only take a few minutes of your time.

Thanks again for your help!

Berkeley High Jazz Parents

1. When did you graduate from Berkeley High?
Your answer
2. What is your gender?
3. Which BHS jazz bands did you play with? (choose all that apply)
4. Which instrument(s) did you play in the jazz program?
Your answer
5. What is/was your major in school after graduating from Berkeley High?
6. Which school(s) did you attend/are you attending as an undergraduate?
Your answer
7. If applicable, which graduate program(s) did you attend/are you attending?
Your answer
8. What are the opportunities for playing or teaching music at this school outside of the curriculum? (choose all that apply)
9. Did you receive a music merit scholarship from your school?
10. If you received need-based financial aid, was the institution easy to work with in terms of meeting your financial needs?
11. How would you rate the level of competitiveness among students in your undergraduate program?
Not at all competitive
Highly competitive
12. How would you rate the level of gender equity (opportunities and support for women musicians) in your undergraduate program?
Very equitable
Not at all equitable
13. What are the best aspects of the school you attended/are attending?
Your answer
14. What are some of the challenging aspects of the school you attended/are attending?
Your answer
15. What advice would you give to BHS jazz students who are considering your school? Topics of interest for current students include entrance auditions, quality of faculty, and the social environment at the school... or anything else you’d like to share!
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16. If you are willing to talk with current BHS Jazz students about your post-high-school music experience, please send your name and preferred contact information to or leave your contact information in the response box below. Your name will not be linked to any of your other responses to this survey.
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