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What do you think about the level of English spoken at our conference?
The quality of the coffee break snacks (cookies, simit and açma) ?
The quality of the food served during lunch breaks?
The quality of our materials such as folders, badges, brochures, pens etc?
The cooperation of our organization team BEFORE the conference?
The cooperation of our organization team DURING the conference?
The size and comfort of the rooms assigned to the committees and advisors?
The entertainment of the opening and closing ceremonies (considering the speakers and the speeches given) ?
The length of the opening/closing ceremonies?
The discussability of the agenda items?
The quality of the board members (chairs, co-chairs, USGs)?
The efficiency of the committees regarding the quality of the resolutions and the productivity of the debates?
How would you rank BHMUN 2019 in all aspects on a scale of 1 to 10?
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It is important for us to come back bigger and better each year, so your thoughts are very valuable for us. Thank you so much for sparing time to fill this feedback form.
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