Agri-food Data Point Submission Form

Please use this form, only to submit DATA POINTS related to agri-food research (a data source directly or indirectly providing access to data in the field of agriculture and food, in our case). If you would like to submit more than one Data Points, we kindly ask you to submit this form more than once.
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This form is created to facilitate the submission of a DATA POINT on the e-ROSA platform. If you would like to submit a different entity, please use the forms below:

- Form for submitting an Organisation (e.g. research performing organisations as well as ministries and
international organisations):

- Form for submitting a Facility (Facilities can be research infrastructures and e-infrastructures that provide one or several types of data related services, e.g. modelling infrastructures, data management infrastructures, etc.):

- Form for submitting an Initiative (e.g. projects or networks):

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This information is optional but will be necessary for us to contact you in case we need some extra information on the Data Point you submit. If you have already submitted your personal information through a previous form, please ignore this field.
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If you have already submitted your personal information through a previous form, please ignore this field.
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Please provide any short name with which the Data Point is also known (if applicable).
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Please provide a short description about the data offered by the Data Point or any other relevant information.
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Please provide an online point of access for the Data Point.
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Please use this field to indicate the country, region or continent that the Data Point covers. Potential values include: Germany (country), Northern Africa (region), Europe (continent), International (global). Multiple countries or regions may be provided here.
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Is the Data Point offered as a simple set of data (Set), does it follow some simple structure (Catalogue), is it possible to search within its content (Repository) or is it a collection of numerous Data Points from various sources (Aggregator)
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Is the access to the data completely open, does it have some restrictions (controlled) or is the data kept private?
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