Capital Raising Party
The CRP is a 2 hour live event on Zoom with no replay because it is mostly in break-out rooms. Tim gives specific topics to cut through the fluff.  This is not a class, not teaching, not selling. The CRP is a mini-mastermind session to help each other build relationships and be better capital raisers.

I'm excited that you're joining us for our Capital Raising Party!

We will have a lot of fun.

Here's the format:

1. Make sure you come on early to have an opportunity to introduce yourselves and promote your business to the big group before we start the CRP. Please keep it cool with a short 10-second elevator pitch.
2. Our guest speaker will share how they've raised tens or hundreds of millions of dollars.
3. After that I will propose a breakout room topic. You will then get put into a breakout room with 2 other attendees to discuss that topic.

Topics can be: "What are you raising capital for and how much?", "What's the biggest challenge that you need help with?", or "What resources or connections you're looking for?".

4. Then after the breakout session, we'll get back into the main room to share as a group.
5. Then I'll propose a new breakout room topic and put you in a new breakout room.
6. Towards the end of the event, I will ask for your feedback on how we can make this CRP better for the next one.

Thank you! I appreciate you so much for joining us to our  Capital Raising Party.
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