Family Voices 2018-19 How Culturally Responsive/ Relevant is Our School? (Race, Ethnicity, Culture, Language, Gender, Ability, Class...)
How are we creating a welcoming, engaging community for EVERYONE?

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Eastern Heights' racial, cultural, linguistic, educational, socio-economic, and level of ability diversity is recognized and discussed in a constructive way at family groups and staff meetings, and other gatherings that include staff and families. *
Eastern Heights' curriculum reflects cultures of families, and there are books and materials about families cultures in all classrooms and the library/ media center. *
Families' cultural traditions, values, and practices are discussed in class. *
Activities and events honor all the cultures in the school. *
The PTO is not dominated by any one group of family members/caregivers and its officers reflect the school's diversity. *
Extra efforts are made to recruit and welcome all families, and families of all backgrounds are involved at the school. *
School activities and events are planned with family members and respond to their interests. *
Interpreters are available for all meetings and events, and report cards, newsletters, signs, and other communicaitons are translated into the school's major languages. *
English-speaking staff and families make an effort to connect and mix with families who speak other languages. *
School staff and families use books and stories about different groups' experiences to stimulate discussions about their own backgrounds and values. *
Teachers and other staff use "teachable moments" and stories from local media to comment on and discuss racially motivated incidents. *
Professional development for staff explores implicit bias and potential negative responses, attitudes and expectations for students of color, and aims to create high standards, rigorous practice, and increased expectations for all students. *
Families and educators are surveyed about school climate, and school staff and family group leaders follow up on the results. *
Eastern Heights has a system for helping staff and students learn how to pronounce ALL students' first and last names as they do at home. *
Front office staff are warm and welcoming to all families and visitors and compliment family members on their contributions. *
I believe all families, no matter their income, race, culture, education, language, culture or ability, want their children to do well in school---and can make an important contribution to their child (ren)'s learning. *
Staff at Eastern Heights are familiar with their students' home cultures and know how to work in a classroom/ community of diverse cultures *
Eastern Heights educators consistently value and acknowledge the strengths and gifts that families from diverse backgrounds and languages can bring to the teaching and learning process. *
Eastern Heights staff are willing to implement varied approaches to engage families from diverse linguistic and ethnic backgrounds meaningfully as partners in a community of learners. *
Eastern Heights Staff facilitate engagement that is relevant to families’ context and needs, and set the tone of respectful readiness to begin to partner effectively with a diverse group of families. *
Eastern Heights educators pro-actively invite all family members to be part of critical thinking activities, sharing in meaningful planning with families. *
Eastern Heights educators promote positive family engagement practices with colleagues, teachers, staff and others in the school and advocate the mutual benefits of such engagement for families, teachers and students. *
Eastern Heights educators regularly assess the quality and responsiveness of their engagement opportunities and keep families meaningfully engaged by providing them with feedback that is useful. *
Eastern Heights educators take time to learn how to pronounce students' names as they do. *
Eastern Heights educators provide opportunities for students to find connections between their lives and what they are studying *
Eastern Heights educators consider students' knowledge, culture, and learning styles and incorporate them into class instruction. *
Which areas are Eastern Heights educators doing well in? Which areas do you want to focus on improving first? *
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How are families and the teacher/ family group (PTO) involved in addressing differences. *
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What are some of your concerns? *
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Reflection: What steps could you take to address differences around racial, cultural, linguistic, educational, socio-economic, and level of ability right away? *
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Reflection: What steps could you take to address differences around racial, cultural, linguistic, educational, socio-economic, and level of ability over the long term? *
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