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Please help us understand the medical issue faced by your pet so we may be able to help you better. Kindly fill out all fields.

This support service via phone/email is a paid service. You will be asked to make an advance payment of Rs 425/- for our consultation fee at the end of this form.

PLEASE NOTE: We request all patrons to please be mindful that this service is not a substitute for visiting a vet. We are commencing this online consultation service in order to manage basic queries regarding your pets health and well being. At the end of the consultation if the veterinarian deems it a requirement, you may be advised to visit a veterinary clinic for a physical examination for your pet. If your pet is faced with an emergency please do not rely on online or phone advice for resolving the same.

Our veterinarians will endeavour to connect with you within a 24 hour time period from completion of this medical query form and online payment. This support service is available Monday-Friday 10am-5pm.
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