SexyLuxStudio All-Inclusive Pre-Shoot QUESTIONNAIRE
Thank you for selecting SexyLuxStudio for your distinguished Luxury PhotoShoot and Rebranding.

Our mission is to deliver stunning visuals that captivate your ideal top clientele. We are dedicated to understanding your specific style preferences and the audience you wish to engage.

We encourage you to share your vision, your audience, and any nuances of your brand with us. Every detail contributes to designing a photoshoot that embodies your aspirations and elevates your brand.

Rest assured, confidentiality is paramount. The information you provide is exclusively for customizing your experience, and we honor your trust in us with the utmost respect.

We appreciate your choice of SexyLuxStudio and are excited to help you maximize your income.

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Business Name
Email (an email you check daily so that we can stay in contact for setting up your shoot): most of our communication will be via email to refer back to what we planned.
Most communication will be via email, but what's a good contact number?
What city are you based out of?
Instagram or Twitter link if used for your business
Website link
How did you hear about SexyLuxStudio?
What's currently going on with your business right now that motivated you to seek new photos?
Which details about your current photos would you like to improve or change?  
What do you like and don't like about your existing photos?      
Which moods, emotions, and conclusions would you like your target audience to feel about you when they see your images/ad?
Have you thought about your business goals for the next 6 -12 months?  What are they?
Which lifestyle, activities, and hobbies would you like to project or be associated with in your photos?  *
Which of your features are you proud of?
(an area about your body that you like to highlight in your photos and want your clients to notice more)
Photoshoots are scheduled Monday through Thursday to avoid the weekend, tourists, and local crowds.                         
The best hotel rooms are also more available and affordable Monday through Thursday.                                                       
All Outside Day Shoots are best early in the morning for flattering sunlight and cooler temperatures and because locations are relatively empty from sunrise through 10 a.m.
Inside shoots can be at any time, and I usually schedule your shoot in the afternoons after your hotel check-in. If you are shooting both inside and outside, I'll photograph the exterior looks first in the morning and then the inside.                           
I highly recommend avoiding weekends, holidays, and weeks when events are happening in the Miami area.                 
Outside shoots are dependent on weather, so please have flexible dates if we move your shoot date.                                
Do you agree to these details?
Please describe your target clients, age range, personality, lifestyle, and income range. *
Please list a celebrity, movie character, or social media influencer you admire or identify with in terms of their style and persona. *
Do you show your face in your photos? *
Are there any areas of your face or body you would like to minimize in your photos? *
Is there anything else I should know about you or your body to help you feel most confident and relaxed during your photoshoot? *
Which sites will you use to advertise your business with your new photos? *
Which styles or themes would you like for your photoshoot? 
My stylist and I recommend adding more variety and luxury to your ads and website.                                                 
Want something different? Just email me sample photos of your ideas.
Which PhotoShoot Package are you interested in purchasing? *
Keeping in mind that the usual delivery for edited photos is 14 -21 days, depending on your package size, which date would you like AIM to schedule your photoshoot? ( deposit required to reserve tentative date).
All shoots are scheduled Monday through Thursday. Weekends and holidays are available for an extra fee.
Do you agree that every photoshoot styling is personalized and requires a minimum of 3 weeks of planning and gathering all your outfits and accessories (after receiving your deposit)? *
Please check which statements you agree with. *
Do you agree that your photoshoot date is tentative due to planning all of the details of your shoot, including the outfits and location, and that your shoot date and will not be finalized until everything is ready? Please do not book any flights or hotels until you confirm with me first. *
Glamour photo themes work best in a luxury hotel, mansion, or private location. The location's decor should complement your shoot theme and be a natural environment for the outfit you are wearing. Do you agree that any applicable location fees, such as a hotel or mansion, are not included in your photo package? *
How would you like your final edited photos to show you? *
How would like your final edited photos to show you *
I have tons of great ideas and knowledge about the style of images that will help you grow your brand, but if there are any particular photos you want me to shoot of you, please list them below. *
Is there anything else you’d like to say or ask or that I should know about you personally that will help tailor your photoshoot to you better? *
If you could wave a magic wand and wake up tomorrow with the absolute perfect solution to your problems, what might tomorrow look like?
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