RCSD1 Annual Parent and Family Engagement Program Survey
Title I Schools
Dear Parents:
The purpose of this survey is to gather information on how well we have implemented the District Parent and Family Engagement Program. We will use this feedback to improve our program.
My child(ren) attend the following school(s) *
My child(ren) are in the following grade(s) *
I have been invited to attend workshops to help my child succeed in school. *
I am aware when the school holds parent meetings such as Parent Advisory Council and Title I Planning Meetings. *
I received a copy of the school home compact and school parent and family engagement policy. *
Parent meetings are held at a convenient time of day. *
I am kept well informed of the parent and family engagement activities at the school. *
I received clear information regarding my child's academic progress. *
Opportunity has been provided for parents to communicate with the administration and other staff members. *
Please provide suggestions for improvement of the district parent and family engagement program.
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