Claim MulTra Token (MTT) Airdrop
MulTra Token: A Cryptocurrency for Millions

Millions of people read news on a daily basis.
The MulTra News App pays you for reading news.
At the same time your favorite publishers earn fair revenues.

Step-by-Step Guide:
1. Join MulTra Token (MTT) Telegram group:
2. Follow MulTra News App on Twitter:
3. Fill out the airdrop form with your details below.

Airdrop Rules:
Spam and advertising other projects in the Telegram group will result in permanent ban. Please do not discuss airdrop related topics in the Telegram group. Airdrop participants need to stay in the Telegram group at least until the MulTra News DApp is released in the public iOS and Android app stores.

- Each valid MulTra airdrop participant will receive 50 MTT (3 EUR ~ 3.50 USD).
- Participants can earn additional MulTra tokens by inviting friends.
- Valid participants will receive additional 25 MTT for each valid participant referred.
- Please send the Telegram and Twitter usernames of referred friends via email (Subject: Airdrop referral) to:
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