Shuddup N' Dance Ipoh Parade 2018 [1 on 1 Battle Registration]
Shuddup N' Dance 2018 is a street dance competition organised by Ipoh Parade. This registration form is for dancers who wish to participate in the following categories:
1. 1-on-1 Popping Battle
2. 1-on-1 U18 Battle
3. 1-on-1 Bboy Battle
4. 1-on-1 Open Style Battle

Dancers are allowed to participate in more than one (1) category. If so, please submit a separate registration form for each category you are interested in participating, e.g. submit four forms if you're interested in competing in all four solo categories.

The programme for the two-day competition is as follows:
24 March 2018
1:00pm 1-on-1 Popping Battle
3:30pm Freestyle Junior Crew Showcase
5:00pm 1-on-1 U18 Battle

25 March 2018
11:00am 1-on-1 Bboy Battle
2:00pm 1-on-1 Open Style Battle
4:30pm Street Dance Crew Showcase (Official)

The prizes shall be as follows:
1-on-1 Popping Battle: Champion - RM1,000; 1st Runner-Up - RM500
1-on-1 U18 Battle: Champion - RM1,000; 1st Runner-Up - RM500
1-on-1 Bboy Battle: Champion - RM1,000; 1st Runner-Up - RM500
1-on-1 Open Style Battle: Champion - RM1,000; 1st Runner-Up - RM500

By completing the registration below, you confirm that you have read and acknowledged the Rules & Regulations here:

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Crew showcase:
1 on 1 Battle: (You can join more than 1 battle)

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