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    Study Skills - Learn how your brain learns, fun tricks to help you remember things, and organizational skills that will make you successful!!!              
    Math Puzzles/Brain Teasers - Come enjoy a variety of math puzzles, logic puzzles and brain teasers that are fun and challenging to solve.  Every day will have new challenges.  Are you ready for that challenge?                            
    Jenga Smash - It's the classic block-stacking, stack-crashing game of JENGA! How will you stack up against the law of gravity?                         
    Strategic Mind Building - A strategy game is a game in which the players decision making  skills have a high significance in determining the outcome (i.e. Chess, Checkers, Risk, Monopoly, Battle Ship, etc.You will  learn to play as well as play the games.                       
    Karaoke - Choose your favorite song to sing and then perform it for the class and maybe even the principals! You will be able to choose and practice a few different songs during the two week rotation.                        
    Chess/Checkers - Learn the games of chess and checkers.                      
    For the Love of Art - This class allows you the time to draw, create, and design new pieces of art for the school!                       
    Card Sharks - Come learn and play fun card games!               
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